ClevAir 2020 year in review

ClevAir – 2020 in review

2020 challenged us all; in more ways than one. But for ClevAir as a company, it did far more good than bad. 

One of our clients saw their energy savings since installation reach the monumental figure of 1,000,000 kWh.

Here’s looking back at all the major events that unfolded over the last 12 months:

Smart Plants Became ClevAir

ClevAir grew tremendously in the early months of 2020. So much so that in June, we deemed it ready to be its own brand. ClevAir, an amalgamation of the words “clever” and “air”, sounded like a fitting name for a company that ensures high air quality and energy efficiency by making buildings clever(er).

Even though our name changed, our ideologies, mission and vision remained the same.

We won BUILTWORLD’s Startup Battlefield: Building Technologies 2020

BUILTWORLD has created an innovation ecosystem geared towards finding novel ways to “drive change and shape the built world of tomorrow”. 

They onboard major corporations, technology startups and subject-matter experts to a single platform. In doing so, they make it easy for companies to get recognized, grow, and revolutionize the real-estate industry.

In 2020, ClevAir was nominated for the Best Building Technology Startup award, along with 4 other companies. It was a hard-fought win against 3 worthy candidates. What set us apart from the competition was our ability to not only capture real-time air quality and temperature data, but also reprogram the HVAC based on it. Portfolio-wide actionable insights, the no-cure-no-pay model, and cloud-based dashboards further made the case in our favor.

Over 1,000,000 kWh Energy Savings for a Client

Back in August 2020, energy savings for one of our client’s buildings crossed 1,000,000 kWh, since installation. This was a new record for ClevAir, one that it has since then surpassed.

The building is a 30,000 m2 furniture shop whose HVAC is reprogrammed in real-time, based on subtle changes in occupancy, outdoor and indoor climates, and weather forecast. Not only does this significantly reduce the overall energy consumption, it also helps in maintaining perfect indoor ambience. To know more about how ClevAir achieves this, download the case studies here. 

Even More Product Improvements in 2020

Many of our product algorithms, delivery and installation processes, got revamped and/or optimized during 2020. We have been able to drastically reduce the roll-out times, and can now onboard and optimize several buildings a week. 

The Praise Kept Flowing in

Our clients were particularly happy with another year of ClevAir. Here’s what a couple of them had to say:

GISLE BRYNE, Business Development Manager,AC Senteret

“We installed ClevAir to save energy, and they sure have delivered. However, what we didn’t know and what turned out to be the biggest benefit is the improvement of our indoor climate. “

Business Development Manager
AC Senteret

Read more about how ClevAir helps its customers achieve high energy efficiency and perfect indoor climate.

We Popped up on More Technology Maps Around the World in 2020

Our exponential growth and excellent customer reviews didn’t go unnoticed. We appeared on three more technology maps during 2020:

Final Word

2020 was a year of new beginnings, new improvements, and new milestones. We can’t expect anything but more from 2021!

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