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The Benefits of a Smart Ventilation System

A smart ventilation system goes a long way in decreasing energy consumption and the carbon footprint of your building. Read on to know more of its benefits.

Why is it important to reduce carbon emissions from buildings?

CO2 emissions are increasing exponentially around the world. Buildings account for 40% of these emissions…how can building owners help?

Smart Buildings: Improving Sustainability and Energy Efficiency

In recent years, technology has brought significant changes in the building industry. Read on to find out how a simple, easy-to-use building management system transforms the non-connected buildings into smart ones.

Devising an Ideal Building Maintenance Strategy: Predictive Maintenance vs. Reactive Maintenance

To achieve highest levels of efficiency, we need to maintain the building assets in such a way that we identify and solve a problem before it takes down our operations. Now the question is how best to do that.