How to Install ClevAir’s Airflow Balancing Technology?


ClevAir can be installed on HVAC-systems below the age of 25 (manufactured after 1994).

The installation process is simple, intuitive, and efficiently optimizes your building management in a matter of weeks. By streamlining the air ventilation, as well as heating and cooling processes, it ramps up the efficiency of HVAC-systems for long-term energy-saving and a quality living space.


Our Internet of Things-device directly connects to your controllers and networks. ClevAir now becomes the upgrade between your HVAC and building management system.

To implement the ClevAir software, a username and password is all you need. Once connected and logged in, ClevAir extracts and analyzes all relevant data from your operating system to produce actionable insights and assist in optimization in real time.



ClevAir is a cloud-based HVAC software that connects your building management process to the internet of things (IoT) to allow BMS optimization in a real-time environment. Once your data reaches the cloud, we make sure that it stays in the right hands. Our cloud-based software uses military grade encryption to keep all your data and communication secure.




We start with a physical on-site installation. ClevAir units come pre-programmed and equipped with standard plugs for an easy connection process. Once connected, the software starts to cooperate with your system, automatically.


Gathering data

At this stage, we monitor the process and find the most relevant data for customer benefits. This also involves data that may not be part of the network but helps with identifying potential issues or optimization opportunities, such as historical energy consumption, manuals and installation reports.



Our algorithms and tools are tuned to find abnormalities, energy leaks and possibilities for optimization. We also use benchmarks to compare our customer’s systems with market averages. All together, it helps us understand the current status of your operation, and the next steps towards increased efficiency.



Every building is different. Thus, we adjust the optimization process to your building’s characteristics and specific needs. ClevAir’s extensive data gathering and complex logic loops allow us to maximize the potential of every unique customer infrastructure.



Now we are ready to compare changes in real-time to provide a clear overview of the influence ClevAir has on the building. Now you can see the reduction of your energy consumption and what exact changes caused it. That makes our work very transparent and verifies what we are proud of delivering.


Post release service

We are ready to make complicated custom-made dashboards with 3D visualizations, but can also supply simple versions to help you understand your building management system. Contact us and tell us your preferred scenario. We will show how we can meet your expectations, and may bring results you never thought possible.


Our customer support team is made up of experienced bms experts to assure high quality assistance and rapid problem solving. Our goal is to establish a communication network that facilitates every client to work directly with our support team. This speeds up the process and minimizes the risk of data misinterpretation, as customers receive a detailed and precise overview of the progress.