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Software for optimizing
HVAC that results in
reduced costs and
CO2 emissions



Don’t wait reducing 
your energy consumption


Integrate with or
without a BMS

Is the ventilation in your building not controlled by a BMS (Building Management System)? The ClevAir solution can optimise your ventilation with or without a BMS. With a ClevAir Gateway (4G) we connect to your ventilation system and communicate with most protocols.

Man checking building data on phone and laptop

What we deliver

We reduce energy consumption and CO₂ emission by optimising HVAC in large commercial buildings.

In terms of

Reduced CO₂ emission

Reduced energy consumption

Data for EU taxonomy

In terms of

Reduced energy usage

Power peak cuts
Increased building value

Increased tenant satisfaction

In terms of

Low Indoor CO₂ for health
and prodicutivity

Real-time ventilation

Stable indoor temperature


Insight through
ClevAir Dashboard

Energy and CO₂ insights

Measurements and calculations approved for EU taxonomy
(historic insights)

Portfolio overview

How do your buildings perform, which should you prioratise for
further actions?


If signs of errors in equipment, deviation or high level of radon etc.

Access with any device

Cloud based.

How it works

ClevAir integrates with your existing infrastructure and optimizes your ventilation in real time


ClevAir measures
various Energy Sources

To analyse energy consumption ClevAir needs data from all energy sources. With SmartEO we collect energy data on both central heating, electricity and gas. SmartEO is a system for collecting energy data developed by Å Energi. The solution is delivered as a service, without high starting costs. You will of course have access to this information for your reporting on energy consumption and reduction.

Do you partly use green energy and partly “what is available on the market”?
Different energy sources are part of the calculation of your CO₂ emission.

Contact us for an evaluation
on what ClevAir can do
for your building.



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