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Your Journey to Self-sustaining, Energy-efficient Buildings


ClevAir can maximize the performance of any HVAC system aged 25 or less (made after 1994).

ClevAir units work out-of-the-box; literally! Pre-programmed devices connect with any and all machines and systems without any need for tweaks. The installation process ends before you know it. Within a matter of weeks, you see tangible optimizations in the air ventilation, heating, and cooling processes. This leads to a massive decrease in energy consumption, and a huge increase in the efficiency of your HVAC system.


Helping you take your buildings into the future


Data visualization

Data Visualization

Data analysis and modeling

Data Analysis and Modelling

System optimization

Systems Optimization

Building retrofit solutions


The best part about ClevAir is its interoperability. Our Internet-of-Things (IoT) device can connect seamlessly with various gadgets and systems, ready to extract and unify data within minutes.

To access the software application, all you need is your login credentials. Once you are logged in, you will see data flowing in from all ends. After some efficient extraction, aggregation, and processing, ClevAir will start producing actionable insights for you, in real time.



A dashboard containing a default set of customizable widgets comes bundled up with the ClevAir package. These widgets give you access to your historical data which can be analyzed to make potential improvements for the future. They also allow you to build your own personalized dashboards with visualizations of the most important building statistics, updated in real time. We also support in building customized visualizations based on 3D models and responsive designs.


When there is a lot of data to play with, good things happen. ClevAir’s ability to aggregate all its data in one place makes it capable of generating amazing models. In some of our recent projects, we have predicted energy consumption and water levels based on historical data and weather forecasts; modelled the amount of people in the building based on the CO2 levels; modelled the heat exchanger recovery rate and controlled its efficiency (in real time) to detect malfunctions; and much more. We pride in our ability to build tailor-made solutions that fully cater to our customers’ needs.



At ClevAir, we believe in using modern technologies to fully automate the most critical systems. All our data is aggregated and processed in the cloud. This allows our highly vetted specialists to identify any discrepancies, make any fixes, and suggest any improvements, without having to be on-site. We are also constantly improving our algorithms to ensure maximum HVAC performance and energy savings.


No two buildings are same even if their facades are ditto.
This is why we adapt our modules in accordance with the needs of the customer and their building.

Smart BMS Custom project


The Smart Building Management System has been the staple of our organization since the beginning. It analyzes data from real-time sensors and the weather forecast to ensure high energy efficiency. Smart BMS puts together various assets, sensors, and other components to create a flexible platform; one that brings the best out of your HVAC system, and in turn, your building.


We realize that your building might not need all the ClevAir modules. Therefore, we allow you to build your very own, customized project, with modules of your choice. If you aren’t sure about the solution you should go for, no need to worry; our experts will recommend the most suitable setup for your infrastructure. All our modules are fully capable of functioning both dependently and independently.


A step by step guide to an energy-efficient building


Physical Connection

The first step involves the on-site installation of ClevAir units. These units are pre-programmed and come with standard plugs to make the connection process seamless. As soon as the physical connection is established, the units start reporting stats to the system


Data Aggregation

As soon as the data reporting starts, our system rummages through the raw information to find the most relevant stats for you. This also includes data from outside the network (e.g. historical energy utilization, installation reports etc.) which can help in identifying potential problems or optimization opportunities.



We use sophisticated algorithms to identify any abnormalities in the data, like potential energy leaks or malfunctioning hardware etc. The software also actively avenues for improvement, with regards to energy consumption and HVAC performance. We constantly use benchmarks to compare our customers’ system performance with the market averages. This helps us in ensuring that our customers never have to settle for second best.



We don’t use a one-size-fits-all approach like some of our competitors. We know that your building has its own unique needs. Thus, we tweak the optimization processes to be attuned with your building’s characteristics and needs. Our extensive data gathering, and complex algorithms learn and adapt depending on the nature of your building, and produce the best possible results every time



At this stage, ClevAir is ready to report everything that it observes to you. Any and all changes are reflected in the user-friendly, customizable reports that update in real time. Whether you want to see how, why, or by how much your energy consumption decreased last week; or want to see how the weather forecast is expected to impact your HVAC in the near future; with ClevAir, you can do all this (and more) with just a few clicks.


Post-Installation Support

Post-installation, our team will be available 24/7 to help you understand our building management system. Whether you want a simple dashboard that showcases the most relevant numbers, or want to create a complicated (but visually pleasing) one with 3D models and different graphs; the ClevAir team can do it for you.


In order to mitigate the risks posed by data misinterpretation, we strive to create a smooth, bidirectional communication channel between our support team and customers. Our customer support team is full of experienced professionals with degrees from reputable organizations. They are adept at understanding and solving problems quickly. Whether you want to understand how the software works, or want to report a faulty unit, all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call!