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ClevAir Wins BUILTWORLD’s Best Building Technology Award

ClevAir, the Norwegian leader in energy and HVAC optimization, has been named the winner of BUILTWORLD’s Startup Battlefield: Building Technologies 2020.

A quote from the CEO:

Bjørn Gabrielsen, CEO of ClevAir

 “We are very proud to be acknowledged by BuiltWorld for the work we are doing to reduce energy consumption and CO2 emissions in commercial real estate. I believe PropTech can deliver value in so many ways, and I believe we will see a veritable PropTech revolution in the years to come.”  

Bjørn Gabrielsen, CEO of ClevAir


BUILTWORLD — Advancing the world of real-estate

BUILTWORLD is an organization focused on finding new and innovative ways to “drive change and shape the built world of tomorrow”. Over the last 3 years, they have connected pioneers of major corporations, with interdisciplinary experts and young technology companies. Thus creating an innovation ecosystem that is revolutionizing the real-estate industry. 

This year, ClevAir was nominated in the “Building Technologies” category, along with 4 other amazing startups. The competition was tough, but ClevAir’s distinctive value proposition, including real-time HVAC optimization, portfolio-wide actionable insights, no-cure-no-pay model, and cloud-based dashboards propelled it above the rest.

Sjur Usken Presenting ClevAir technology online on builtworld technology award
Preparing for the online pitch
Standards were high and competition was tough for innovative technologies award
Standards were high and competition was tough

More on what makes ClevAir stand out…

ClevAir is a smart building management solution that helps save energy, and revitalize the indoor climate. ClevAir optimizes your building; be it new or old, with or without a BMS. It uses the power of sophisticated algorithms and state-of-the-art sensors to optimize the HVAC in real-time, based on changes in building occupancy and/or outdoor climate etc. By doing so, it drastically reduces a building’s energy consumption and its carbon footprint

While most PropTech products can only deliver insights regarding air quality and temperature, ClevAir actually uses data from IoT sensors to optimize the HVAC in real-time. This can be done across the entire building portfolio, thus leading to massive reductions in energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Additionally, ClevAir’s commercial-grade dashboards provide portfolio-wide insights ubiquitously, allowing building owners and managers the luxury of remote management and monitoring.

2020 has been an important year for ClevAir. We have significantly optimized product algorithms, delivery and installation processes, leading to faster roll-outs. We are now able to onboard and optimize several buildings a week, making it possible for us to help more and more energy-conscious customers. 

As such, we look forward to 2021, which we believe will offer even greater opportunities for both ClevAir, and our customers in commercial real estate.




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